Psymposia 2015: Envisioning a Post Prohibition World

To ask questions of the speakers on the panels or during the Q&A, use the #psymposia tag and our host, Lex Pelger, will ask them for you. Include your name, city, state, or country. 


We asked our speakers to imagine the world without a drug war.

Find out their thoughts on the weekend of April 17-19 when Psymposia hosts a new kind of drug conference at UMass Amherst. A live stream ticket will allow you to watch the entire conference from the comfort of home.

We begin on Friday night with a free 'Psychedelic Storytelling' followed by two days of talks featuring the Erowids, Chris Kilham, Katherine MacLean, Dorion Sagan, Dimitri Mugianis, & many more. Plus a lobby filled with artists, vendors, drug organizations and new friends to meet. 

With short speeches and lots of time for audience questions, we hope to foster interaction and highlight a far-flung array of topics from our psychoactive community.

Panels include:
The Future of Healthcare: Psychedelic Medicine
Coming Out of the Psychedelic Closet
This Thing Called the Psychedelic Community
How the Internet Ends the Drug War

Earth & Fire, Erowid Center​
Medicine Hunter​ Chris Kilham - Ayahuasca Test Pilots 
Katherine MacLean - The Psychedelic Art of Dying
Dorion Sagan - Taking Drugs Seriously
Neşe Devenot - Coming Out of the Psychedelic Closet
Dimitri Mugianis - A Conversation on Ibogaine & Harm Reduction
Britta Love - Hookers & Dealers to Therapists & Guides
Jeremy Wolff - How Cannabis Reflects the Future
Kilindi Iyi - Psilocybin For the People
Oliver Williams - To Breathe Or Not To Breathe, a talk on Holotropic Breathwork
Twig Harper - Transmissions From Salvia Space
Richard Doyle - Ecodelics
David Nickles - DMT Nexus

...and many more including our "Fresh Voices" segments where we hear from fresh speakers that we'd like to highlight.
More about the event:
For any information or questions please view our FAQ's and support page

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